Pendergraph Machines offers quality services to meet all of your manufacturing needs. 
Pendergraph Machines offers more than custom machinery. Our years of experience in machine design and product manufacturing enables us to provide support and planning engineering services. Anyone can sell you equipment, we sell you complete solutions.
  1. Equipment Justification (ROI)
    We can help you crunch the numbers to clearly show how long it will take to payback your investment. "Return of investment" is often the first hurdle in funding a project. We have the experience to put these spreadsheets together, based on your input and figures.
  2. Equipment/Line Layouts
    Wondering if your new line will fit? Pendergraph Machines offers not just line layouts, but facility layouts and design assistance to best utilize your space and flow. We can work with your existing drawings or come to your facility to do "as-built" as a starting bases.
  3. Facility Design and Upgrades
    Did you forget something? Don't leave out a major component or detail like not enough compressed air or not enough electrical service. Pendergraph Machines can help your evaluated plan or existing services to make sure your project goes off without a hitch.
  1. Line Integration and Controls
    Pendergraph Machine can provide you with more than just a machine or production system. We offer full line integration with such features as OEE monitoring and serialization if needed. We can network our systems into your network to access production information from anywhere.
  2. Custom Techniques
    Pendergraph Machines has been designing and building custom machinery for 28 years. Most of that experience has been in the cosmetic and personal care industry. Delivery and filling of these type products can be tricky. Separating, hardening, and sticky products can be an efficiency nightmare. We have developed techniques throughout the years that will provide superior, performance and quality.
  3. Manufacturing Consulting
    We offer our years of manufacturing experience to you through our consulting program which can be as simple as a phone call for information, or days/weeks on site evaluating your manufacturing to best determine improvements and a clear path forward.