About Us
Better Designs, For Better Results 
Experience and Comittment 
Pendergraph Machines was started in 2014 by Doug Pendergraph. After 28 years of designing machinery and production lines under the umbrella of several other companies, Doug now has a line of equipment that bares his name and all of his experience rolled into better designs, for better results.
"My passion for designing and building machinery has been with me all of my life. I started off my career while still in high school as a machinist apprentice for a machine builder and worked my way into a designer position while going to college. I've been very fortunate over the years to have worked with very talented engineers, machinist, and machine technicians at multiple companies. Finally, after all those years of designing and building machinery under others namebrands, I am putting my name on equipment that we are designing and building here at Pendergraph Machines."